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Written By Wendy Day
She Has Shopped And Negotiated MANY Successful Deals
Wendy Day is a twenty year veteran in the music business.  Not only is she well-respected in her profession, but she is inarguably one of the best artist advocates in the music industry.  Always fighting for what's best and fair for the artists, Wendy's deals have made history, changed lives, and created international superstars: Cash Money Records (Juvenile, BG, Lil Wayne, Hot Boyz, Big Tymers, Baby aka Birdman), Master P's No Limit Records (Master P, C-Murder, Silkk Da Shocker, Fiend, Mia X, TRU, etc), Twista, David Banner, Eminem, and many others...
The number one question that most artists have is "How Can I Get Signed To A Record Deal?"  In this book, Wendy Day uses her vast experience to share with the reader how to turn music into money by attracting the attention of a record label.  She breaks down which labels are still in the business of selling urban music in 2011, what types of record deals exist and what a new artist can expect from one, whether it's better to stay independent or sign to a Major Label, the state of the current music industry, and how to build that all-important incredible buzz (and why this leverage is important in securing a record deal).  Anyone interested in being in the music industry or who wants to make money with their music needs to read How To Get A Record Deal and apply the knowledge immediately to their lives!
THE KNOWLEDGE TO SUCCEEDWe strive to publish the best and most affordable how-to books available, written by icons who have achieved hands on success in their fields. Wendy Day has achieved success BY DOING, not just interviewing others and writing about a topic, and has built a reputation for sharing that knowledge for over 20 years. Our goal is for readers to be able to learn about a subject and then apply immediately what they have learned using the knowledge gained from our books. We work with the brightest and the best--the true SUPERSTARS in their fields. 
Book Chapters

Turning Your Music Into Money
The Cold Hard Truth
Types of Record Labels
Types of Record Deals
  • 360 Deal
  • Artist Deal
  • Joint Venture
  • Distribution Deal
Indie Labels VS Major Labels
Unsigned VS Indie
Current State Of The Music Business
Selling Music In A Changing Economy (How To Build Your Incredible Buzz)
The Qualities You Need To Succeed